Helping companies keep their websites current
so that they can get on with their main business.


Website Design and Maintenance

Website design services include creating new websites, redesigning existing websites, and updating existing websites; examples of those services are listed here.

  • Creating new websites: Designing the layout and structure, writing or adding the content, uploading the site onto a server, and incorporating features to increase search engine results.
  • Redesigning existing websites: Evaluating the current website and recommending areas of improvement, and writing or rewriting content to improve search engine results.
  • Updating existing websites: Creating new content for recently completed projects, adding interactive features, and writing or rewriting content to improve search engine results.

Technical Writing and Business Documents

Technical writing services are tailored to the customer's business operations; some examples are listed here.

  • Marketing and positioning documents: Website content, proposal letters, project case studies, press releases, and style guides.
  • Human resource documents: Company policies and procedures, emergency plans, disaster contingency plans, new employee orientation programs, and summer internship programs.
  • Operations documents: Staff schedules, business plans, organizational charts, user guides, and flow charts.